REVOV LiFe 51.2 V

`Bates Interior Solutions Revov LiFe

The REVOV LiFe Range of Battery Storage Systems are Lithium Iron Phosphate based systems expertly assembled to meet the highest standards of SAFETY, RELIABILITY and LONGEVITY. They are the perfect choice to provide backup, primary and secondary power where daily cycling of the system is required.

REVOV LiFe batteries are designed with a cycle-life of over 7000 cycles making them ideal residential, commercial and industrial applications. This premium product delivers the highest quality, extreme temperature resilience, high energy density, low weight in a small form factor. REVOV LiFe batteries weight and size allows for wall mounting.

CATL- the world’s largest producer of Lithium-ion cells, supporting renewable storage projects across Europe, UK, Japan and has been a long-time supplier to companies like BMW, Volkswagen and recently Volvo. CATL provides the cells in REVOV LiFe batteries bringing those same levels of quality, prestige and reliability to Southern Africa.


Residential Backup and Solar

Solar, Wind or Hybrid Storage

Telecoms Base Stations

Business and Factory Backup

Reduce Peak Usage Charges

Utility Peaking, Frequency Modulation

Reduce Grid Electricity Usage

Data Centres

Utility Dispatchable Solar and Wind

REVOV 2nd LiFe 51.2 V

Bates Interior Solutions Revov 2nd LiFe

The REVOV 2nd LiFe 51.2V energy storage system is a Lithium Iron Phosphate based system utilizing 2nd LiFe Electric Vehicle batteries to provide backup, primary and secondary power in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utility applications where daily cycling of the system is required. The system offers unrivaled value in terms of Life Cycle cost and Capital outlay, with class leading energy density, life time, cycle life and high temperature performance.


Telecom Base Stations

Solar, Wind and Hybrid Storage

Data Centres

Peak Shaving

Residential Backup

Off-Grid Living and Working

REVOV 2nd LiFe 51.2 V: (incl. B100 100Ah 5.12kWh)

Carry on when the lights go out! The B100 battery is designed to be a plug and play part of an inverted controlled energy storage system. Built to the highest standards with advanced anti-theft technology.


  • Rapid installation
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Lifetime exceeds 10 years at 25 C
  • Wall mount and 19″ rack compatible
  • LCD configuration display


Residential Backup & Solar

Solar, Wind and Hybrid Storage

Business Backup

Reduce Grid power usage

Ideal first battery in a growing system

Computer room UPS power