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Bates Interior Solutions

About Our Company

With a combined industry experience of over 53 years in the construction industry, the management and contractors of Bates Interior Solutions have more experience than just about any other company in the flooring industry. Level 2 BEE specialist supplier and installer.

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Bates Interior Solutions specializes in the supply and installation of raised access flooring, InstaCradle acoustic flooring, carpeting, carpet tiles, vinyl sheeting and vinyl tiles. We also supply Revov Life 51.2 V and 2nd Life 51.2 V (incl. B100 100Ah 5.12kWh) Lithium Phosphate Batteries and Battery Operation Systems (BMS).

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Explore some of the flooring projects we’ve completed in office spaces, computer and network rooms, banks, casinos and green office environments in South Africa and Africa. (Contracts undertaken by Jonathan Bates while CEO & Contracts Director of Bates Access Flooring.)

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What We Do

Bates Interior Solutions - Supertec Solid Lock

Pentatec Access Floor Systems

We offer a variety of access flooring systems. The products we offer are Pentatec products which are subjected to extensive testing and comply with international and local building regulation and standards.
Bates Interior Solutions - Kingspan

Kingspan Raised Access Flooring Systems

Kingspan Raised Access Flooring system is one of the largest manufacturers in UK and Europe of Raised Access Flooring systems. Manufactured in the UK, this Brand is classified as one of the premier brands of Steel encapsulated Timber Raised Access Flooring systems.
Bates Interior Solutions - Carpeting & Flooring

Carpeting & Flooring

Bates Interior Solutions supplies and installs a full range of carpeting for both commercial and domestic use including carpet tiles, carpet planks, stretch carpeting, vinyl sheeting, vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks (LVT), studded rubber tiles, timber planks and self-levelling screed.
Bates Interior Solutions InstaCradle

InstaCradle: High performance acoustic and sports cradles with floor levelling system

Bates Interior Solutions is now proud to be reselling InstaCradle – unique, patented, rubber crumb cradles and base packers manufactured from quality recycled tyre rubber. Together with cradle packers, timber battens overlaid with chipboard, plywood or a hardwood, they form the prime component in creating high performance acoustic and sports floors which can accommodate a variety of floor coverings.
Bates Interior Solutions - Access Floor

Access Floor Accessories

Bates access floor coverings are available in either Conductive and Anti-Static High Pressure Laminate. We have a variety of flooring accessories available including grommets, panels, outlets, air flow grills, suction cup lifters, air diffusers and floor services outlets.
Bates Interior Solutions - Legrand Soluflex Cable Management Systems

Legrand Soluflex Cable Management Systems

LeGrand Soluflex is the best cable management system on the market manufactured with 100% recycled materials in Europe and is available in 37mm, 60mm, 90mm, 120mm, and 150mm on request.
`Bates Interior Solutions Revov LiFe

Lithium Phosphate Batteries and Battery Monitoring System

We supply the Revov LiFe 51.2 V and the Revov LiFe 51.2 V

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Contact us about raised access flooring, InstaCradle acoustic flooring,carpeting, carpet tiles, vinyl sheeting and vinyl tiles, RevovLife 51.2 V, 2nd Life 51.2 V (incl. B100 100Ah 5.12kWh) Lithium Phosphate Batteries and BatteryOperation Systems (BMS).

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