Commercial Flooring Range


Commercial flooring systems from Flowcrete South Africa combine colour, performance and design to deliver a durable floor finish suited to use in a wide variety of commercial venues and retail environments…

After walls, floors represent the largest component in any interior scheme, and therefore offer an excellent platform to make a bold and powerful design statement.

Flowcrete South Africa’s unique portfolio of flooring products includes our gloss finish self-smoothing epoxy flooring system, Peran SL Fruity, which comes available in a creative mix of citrus colours to create an eye-catching surface underfoot.

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Industrial Flooring Range

Industrial flooring systems from Flowcrete South Africa deliver highly resilient and durable workhorse surfaces suited to use in a wide range of demanding industrial plants and process environments…

As a manufacturing company ourselves, we understand how correctly specified resin floor coatings can help in the fight against chemical attack, bacteria and other factors affecting the general wear and tear of the industrial workspace.

Our vast portfolio of performance flooring products includes epoxy and polyurethane resin coating systems that have been designed to offer the strength required to deal with a whole host of service conditions.

Our range of epoxy coatings, including Flowshield SL, Flowcoat SF41 and Flowseal EPW offer a hardwearing, scratch-resistant and economical floor finish for a variety of manufacturing environments. Likewise our polyurethane coatings, such as Flowshield LXP, can be trusted for their resilience against chemical attack and other corrosive influences.

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Food and beverage processing

Rustic Flooring Range

Flowcrete South Africa offers a creative choice of coloured marble aggregates with its Rustik flooring range designed to create a decorative, joint-free stone carpet that brings the vibrancy of the outdoors inside…

The Rustik range has been ergonomically designed to reflect the natural beauty of the great outdoors – using natural stone and marble aggregates encased within a clear resin seal.

Rustik delivers a textured, non-slip, solvent-free finish that stands out from the crowd in retail centres, corporate office blocks and other commercial venues.

Looking for outdoor flooring ides? Why not try Naturewalk – Our latest stone flooring system, which sees natural stones scattered over a clear resin seal to create a unique gravel finish that stays bright whatever the weather.

Application Suitability

Retail outlets

Car showrooms

Walkways and paths


Offices and lobbies

Hotels and resorts

Flowfresh Flooring Range

Flowfresh, a polyurethane concrete flooring system, is ideal for use in the  food and beverage manufacturing industries; in meat and fish processing areas, dairies, bakeries, industrial kitchens and catering units as well as wet and dry processing zones.

Flowcrete’s Flowfresh systems are also a popular choice with pharmaceutical and healthcare environments looking to achieve high sanitation standards and the maximum in cleanability and hygiene.

Flowfresh offers excellent slip, wear, temperature and chemical resistance, and is suitable for steam and hot water cleaning processes. In addition, Flowfresh offers total protection against a number of bacteria, including MRSA, SARS, E-coli and Salmonella Typhi making it the number one in hygienic flooring.

Using a natural silver ion based technology; Flowfresh reduces the bacterial population on the surface of the floor by up to 99.9%…

Application Suitability

Food & beverage

Meat & fish

Bakeries & confectionery

Food preparation & kitchens

Hospitals & healthcare


Flowfast Flooring Range

The Flowfast range of decorative acrylic resin floor coatings from Flowcrete South Africa contains a powerful methyl methacrylate (MMA) catalyst that can cut floor cure times down to just two hours…

Using MMA technology, Flowfast can help to significantly reduce the lengthy construction programmes associated with both new-build and refurbishment projects and allows clients to regain full use of their environmnet under a fast turnaround.

Flowfast offers excellent abrasion, wear, stain and slip resistance, can withstand thermal shock and impact, and delivers a joint-free easily cleaned finish that is available in a creative blend of colours and textures.

Flowfast MMA Flooring is a versatile flooring range and offers formulation that are suitable for use in the retail and commercial sectors as well as the mechanical, chemical and electronic goods industries plus food processing and preparation zones.

Application Suitability

Retail outlets


Food and beverage