Bates Interior Solutions
Bates Interior Solutions

Incorporating Sustainability

A well designed building improves indoor environment quality, provided extreme flexibility and savings in the ever
increasing high churn environment whilst minimizing cost and time, the utilization of additional materials is greatly reduces
and the use of a Raised Access Floor reduces waste and reduces the life cycle costs in the building environment. The
savings of a Raised Access Floor continue to grow over the life of the Raised Access Floor installation.

The Benefits of Raised Access Flooring

Raised access flooring integrate the benefits of power, data, telecommunications and air distribution all of which offer
economic benefits.

Using under floor distribution services to create a green indoor environment will assist in a variety of needs that
conventional construction cannot.

Increased efficiency, with modular plug and play power and data wiring will provide the maximum flexibility allowing you to
respond to equipment, with out any changes to the environment, quickly and effectively and to a minimum of cost, time
and effort.

Under floor HVAC systems not only eliminates most duct work and drop downs, thus reducing insulation, all associated
with over head systems.

The flexibility of a modular access floor system provides for data and power flexibility, HVAC system are extremely flexible
as non duct diffusers can be easily relocated to suit the environment

Green Performance, Sustainable and Cost Advantages

Improved improved environmental quality control

Increased daylight opportunities

Less waste with plug & play wire/cable services

Increased ability to make use of daylight opportunities

Maximize occupant thermal comfort

Increased ventilation efficiencies

Easily adapts to technology and organizational changes over the buildings life cycle at low cost

Reduces operational costs and lower facility and maintenance costs through accessible, flexible and adaptable services

Increased energy efficiencies

Reduce wire and cable materials by locating correctly, in the place required rather than in intervals or rigid structures

Reduce materials due to the significant reduction of HVAC duct work and drop downs

Improved acoustics

Production of locally produced understructure provides less shipping energy

Raised Access Flooring & Creating Green Environments

Bates Interior Solutions

High Performance, Sustainable and cost Effective Indoor Environments

Effectively Manage First Costs

Eliminate Saturation Wiring.

Running wiring and cabling in walls and furniture is rigid and expensive. Modular plug and play connections provide point of
use termination so that only terminals that are used are installed.

Flexible and Inexpensive.

Rigid fixed duct work requires slow labor intensive installation. Using the space under the access floor for air distribution is
faster to install and requires minimal ducting since the entire space is used as a service plenum.

Reduce Building Materials

Conventional construction requires large ceiling void space for fixed service pathways. Using under floor distribution can
eliminate wasted space thus reducing building costs

Reduce Operating Cost

Under floor air delivery offers the ultimate in comfort and control.

Wiring and cabling in walls and columns makes reconfiguration expensive, disruptive and wasteful. As your business changes access flooring enables you to inexpensively reconfigure your space.

Hot air rises, yet conventional distribution is designed to force cool air from the ceiling, By supplying cool air from the floor
using natural convection and warmer temperatures you can reduce your HVAC energy costs.

Material & Recourses

Building Re-Use

Raised Access Flooring system is designed to last the life time of the building.

Although an access floor will not help a project achieve credits immediately, it can significantly help to do
so later in the buildings life. Demountable partitioning on top of raised access floors is easy to detach and
erect elsewhere on the floor, electrical boxes and air diffusers can be moved to accommodate a new
tenant fit out. A new environment may therefore only require the purchase of additional access floor
components which can be purchased to complete new occupant fit-out requirements.

Material re-use

Access Floor panels and understructure components can be uninstalled and relocated to a new site and
re-installed. Be aware that just as the building re-use credit, the material re-use strategy will not likely help
achieve points immediately. Rather, it is a long term sustainability strategy that a building can contribute

Recycled Content

Raised Access Floor used in commercial offices consists of product 37.87% Post Consumer Recycled
Content and a potential 37.21% Post Industrial recycled content.

The total recycled content is equal to 50,22%

Incorporating Sustainability


Raised Access Flooring provides the opportunity to economically, efficiently and in a timeous manner
make changes to under-floor services and economically facilitate the high churn environment in the modern
working environment. The raised Access Floor offers exceptional flexibility to the current and future occupants
of the office environment in which it is installed.

The ability to quickly and efficiently respond to changes in the environment, tenant turnover and a high
churn environment where changes are cost minimal reducing labor costs, the use of additional materials
resulting in energy, time and labor costs savings, while improving occupancy health comfort and productivity.